Day in the life - UN Women 

UN Women is one of the largest agencies working on issues related to gender equality. In Cambodia, they carry out numerous programs; the country’s massive female-powered garment industry is one of their main focuses.

To help highlight their work with women in vulnerable employment, the group commissioned an unusual project--a full-fledged photo essay on the day of the life of a garment worker.

For the photo essay, I followed around a 24-year-old garment worker named Chhun Srey Sros. Because of the unusual format, the photo essay garnered widespread attention. Huffington Post ran the essay in full.

Srey Sros organizes strips of fabric in her factory. 

Srey Sros and a colleague wait for a roll of fabric.

Workers searched before taking a lunch break.

Srey Sros leaves the factory for lunch.

On site

Working on a story such as this requires a great deal of relationship building in a short amount of time. It was crucial to make Srey Sros and her colleagues comfortable with me, as well as to carry out the tricky negotiations to gain permission to shoot within the factory. 

Using Format