World Food Program 

In a country where a third of the population survives on less than a dollar a day, malnutrition remains widespread. The UN World Food Program helps ensure hundreds of thousands each year have access to more food and better nutrition. I was hired to document their school meals program in Siem Reapwhich helps lower the rates of childhood malnutrition while keeping more children in school. 

School meals

I traveled with WFP in 2015 to chart the work of their school meals program. In schools in Siem Reap, I met with the teachers, chefs and students who help ensure the program can dole out enough healthy food to feed thousands of students, and documented their work.


The photos--representing WFP's work with hundreds of thousands of children--were used in reports, and disseminated to the media. 

The brief was to not only show the program in action, but to create evocative images that could be distributed among donors in order to solicit continued funds for this crucial work. 

Students help cook a group meal at their school in Siem Reap.

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