Ten years of work

One of the most well-respected NGOs on the ground, ActionAid has been working to improve the state of women and children in Cambodia since 2004. In 2014, the group approached me to create a special exhibit highlighting their last decade of work. I spent 5 months traveling the country to shoot 5 projects in 5 provinces--everything from land rights to safe cities for women. The photos were used for internal and external communications, and a special exhibit was held in one of Phnom Penh's premiere galleries.  

Building relationships

The exhibition was a capstone to the work I did with ActionAid. Over five years, I worked extremely closely with the organization, getting to know their key staff as well as their ongoing projects. The longterm nature of the relationship meant it was easy for me to cover their successes as they unfolded, and move among a range of projects with ease. 

A floating village school. 

A fisherman catches shellfish.

Men gather outside a mosque.

The resulting images were disseminated by local partner groups in Cambodia but also gained wider international exposure. They were used by ActionAid Australia, ActionAid UK and other partner organizations. They also were featured in a photo essay on the BBC.  

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