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In 2013, devastating floods swept across Cambodia, killing dozens and destroying the homes and farmland of hundreds of thousands. In the months that followed, an EU-funded project carried out by DCA helped deliver much needed cash grants to poor families across the country.

I traveled with DCA to several areas in the northwest to photograph and interview grant recipients about the flood, the struggles they faced, and how the money would be used to help rebuild their lives. The photos and interviews were used by DCA and the European Commission to highlight the benefits of such cash-based assistance.  

Portraits from the field.

Portraits from the field.

Portraits from the field.

Women in agriculture

DCA has special programs to assist women working in agriculture. I traveled with DCA to Kompong Thom province, where I photographed female farmers, documenting the role they play in supporting livelihoods and their families. 

Cambodia is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. DCA works to build reliance among local communities so they can better respond in times of crisis. Through the program, more than 150,000 Cambodians are being taught how to prepare for storms, flooding and droughts.  

DCA staffers distribute money for villagers to help weatherproof and protect homes and crops. 

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